My Story

Who I Am

Whether studying biology in high school or completing my medical training, I’ve always valued gathering evidence and looking at the whole picture. This made the decision to become a naturopathic physician an easy one, and helping patients achieve their health goals is my passion. I use evidence-based naturopathic and conventional medicine to provide the highest quality of healthcare. Are you looking for a holistic, natural approach to your health? Great, let’s talk! Want strictly conventional care? I do that, too. It’s all about your goals and preferences, and I strive to offer the best of both naturopathic and conventional care.

I graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), and completed my residency in integrative family medicine there. Since completing my training, I have been working in urgent and primary care in Portland, Oregon.

Prior to my medical training, I worked as a microbiology technician in a basic science research lab studying tuberculosis.

When not seeing patients I spend time hiking, riding my bike, taking photos, and with my family.

What I Do

I use the best aspects of naturopathic and conventional medicine to treat and prevent illness. This includes:

  • Evidence-based primary care
  • Preventive medicine
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Wellness visits
  • Acute care
  • Diet, exercise and lifestyle medicine

My Philosophy

My goal is to integrate evidence based medicine (EMB) practices with Naturopathic medicine – the art and science of using natural therapeutics to heal illness and improve health. I believe there is immense value in incorporating natural medicine with conventional treatments. This value is fully realized by applying modern scientific understanding to the time-honored history of naturopathy to help identify how and why natural medicine is effective. Using this framework we are able to fully explain and improve naturopathic therapies, but must also prepare to retire treatments of the past found to be ineffective under the scrutiny of modern scientific inquiry. This does not mean I will abandon the philosophical underpinnings of naturopathic medicine. Philosophy is important, but it does not supersede scientific understanding. I will honor the profession’s forerunners by keeping their innate curiosity and open-mindedness alive in modern practice. This curiosity must include the synthesis of conventional and naturopathic treatments to create the best possible medical outcomes for the patients I serve. The pedigree of a specific treatment, whether “naturopathic” or “conventional” is irrelevant; if it is effective it should be used with sound clinical reasoning in accordance with a patient’s goals and values. This is the core of my practice and my vision for the profession moving forward.

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