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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of patients do you see?

All kinds! As a primary care provider, I see a wide variety of patients. From wellness exams to high blood pressure, sprained ankles, removing that funny looking mole, or even sewing up a cut, I offer a large range of care options. 

Do you see kids?

I see all ages, and am happy to be a primary care provider for kids. If we identify an issue that needs a pediatrician’s attention, I will refer you to one.

If you already have a pediatrician, that’s great! I am happy to work with them to keep your kids happy and healthy. 

Do you want me to take a bunch of expensive supplements?

Not at all. Sometimes I will use specific nutrients (e.g.; iron if you are low) but as much as possible, I want you to get what you need from good food! I can help you create a plan to get your vitamins and minerals without taking a handful of tablets, but if that’s not working then we can supplement as needed. I do sometimes recommend botanical medicine in the form of supplements or tinctures.

Do you prescribe medications?

Absolutely. Sometimes no matter what we do, you will need to take a medication. When you need an antibiotic for an infection, prednisone for an asthma flare, or a blood pressure medication to reduce your risk of stroke, I will always offer the conventional standard of care. 

Do you practice homeopathy?

I don’t use homeopathic medicine (the use of very highly diluted substances), which is different from naturopathy (the use of natural substances and lifestyle to prevent and treat disease). I have not found these products to be clinically useful, and I only offer treatments that I have evidence are effective. If you’re already using a homeopathic medicine and it’s working well for you, I won’t tell you to stop, but if you’re looking for someone to manage your healthcare using primarily homeopathy I’m probably not the best match for you.

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