Primary Care

Your entry point to comprehensive care

Primary care is your first stop for all things healthcare related. As a primary care provider (PCP) I offer evaluation and treatment for wide array of health concerns, as well as preventive screenings and wellness exams including routine vaccinations. If you need a referral to a specialist, that can start here, too.

More than just wellness visits

Wellness checkups are important, but I also offer chronic disease care. Whether it’s high blood pressure, diabetes, or auto-immune disease, I will work with you to manage all your health concerns.

Looking at the whole person

Having a relationship with your PCP is important. When I know your preferences and values I can tailor a patient-focused treatment plan to address current health concerns and work to prevent chronic conditions from developing. 

The power of prevention

Using diet, exercise and lifestyle, we can work together to prevent illnesses before they happen. With preventive screening, we can look ahead to stop problems before they even start. Some chronic health conditions can even be reversed when we improve your nutrition and lifestyle factors. Have a family history that puts you at risk for certain illnesses? We’ll get started on screening and prevention right away.

Ready to get started?